Michele Mamo
Coldwell Banker Realty

"I have purchased three homes – each in very different locales (Manhattan Kansas, Chicago Illinois, and Cincinnati Ohio). Despite the fact that the purchase of my home in Cincinnati was by far the most difficult, it actually was the smoothest experience that I have had. The reason that this purchase went more smoothly than the others was that I was assisted by one of the best real estate professionals that I have ever come in contact with. Mike Miller is a terrific professional and worthy of a terrific review.

Mike’s successful realty style begins with a detailed meeting prior to the buyer even setting foot in the prospective city. Mike and I had a 30 minute conversation on the phone, in which I detailed my expectations and wants/needs from a home. Based on this call, he was able to put together a series of home viewings in the area. Due to the high level of research that he performed, we were able to see seven different homes, all before 2pm. This allowed me to maximize my limited time for the home search day and to spend more time walking around the neighborhoods, familiarizing myself with the areas, rather than just contemplating what it would be like to live within those four walls (this was a matter of HUGE importance to me – a matter that Mike was able to infer from our phone conversation). Thanks to these efforts, I not only had a great time during my home search, but was able to avoid a property that I desired, but would not have enjoyed in the long run due to other considerations.

During the purchase phase, I was living in Chicago, and was able to negotiate a difficult process that involved using non-traditional financing, all without having to take any trips to Cincinnati. The work that Mike did to carry the water back and forth, even finding another financing option for me, was all exceedingly helpful, and necessary to the process of getting me to purchase my home.

I now live in Cincinnati, and Mike’s continued follow-up and support has been very welcome, even as I am sure he is busy helping other customers on a daily basis. He is a top-flight realtor and I would happily recommend him to any prospective home buyer." - Jay & Lizzie S.


"We are exactly where we want to be and we know that is entirely due to the steady leadership of our realtor and her team. Six months ago, we would not have envisioned such a quick and desirable sale of our house, nor the purchase of a new one so perfectly suited to our needs and wants.

With thorough market analysis, staging suggestions, professional photos, and online platforms, this team ensured we had the tools necessary to list our house at the right time for the right amount to the right audience for maximum return.

In addition, throughout the entire process, we were constantly impressed by our realtor’s competence and expertise in the field. She skillfully managed details, deadlines, and negotiations, while guiding us through all decisions, big and small, so that we made informed and wise choices. She brought humor, personality, patience, and compassion to an inherently stressful undertaking. She helped us achieve our best case scenario and we cannot thank her and her team enough for their invaluable assistance." -G. Johnson


"We would like to thank once again the Keller Williams Realty Team for providing us with an outstanding service in our recent home buy, and in particular, our realtor Mike Miller for his exceptional work.

In our first meeting with Mike, he was focused on getting to know us not only as home buyers; he wanted to learn about our past experiences with buying a house, our individual preferences, our dislikes, and how we envisioned the new place we would call home. We could tell he was interested in sharing that same vision in order to develop a successful and trusting relationship.

Throughout the entire process, he was very professional, promptly replied to our questions and requests, and always had a positive attitude and sense of humor. Moreover, he was knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we visited, had a productive visit plan every time we met, and would always send us the “Comps” for the houses we wanted to further consider.

After finding the house we wanted, and foreseeing the possibility of an offer while he was on vacation, Mike prepared us with all the necessary information to contact Michele Mamo and the administrative team in case he was not readily available so we could still move on with the offer and not lose on the house opportunity. All parties were extremely helpful, professional, and diligently guided us through the entire process, making it very seamless…

We are so excited for our new home; we love the house, the neighborhood, and have had great moments with family and friends. He learned what we valued the most and shared our vision, making it a reality. We would happily recommend Mike Miller to any prospective home buyer." - Anna N.



"This Keller Williams team is GREAT! This past spring we were ready to begin the process of selling our home and buying a new one, which we had not done in over 10 years. Moving is a huge and stressful life event, and we weren’t sure who to partner with. We were lucky to meet our buying agent at an open house we attended, and he introduced us to our selling agent. After meeting with them, we felt confident that this agent was the best agent to list our home. She really made it happen for us! She hired a designer, Brigid, to stage our home, and she was amazing. She knew exactly how to take what we already had and make it look awesome! And the photographer hired was second to none. Our home’s final photos looked incredible — better than just about every other house that was on the market at that time. I really believe that the staging and photography were major factors in our success. We listed our house on June 1 and received an offer on June 3! The agent has been selling homes for a long time and it is clear that she knows what she is doing and teams with very talented people to do it.

I also have to mention our buying agent on the team. He helped us find our perfect home very quickly, and worked tirelessly to make the buying process as smooth as possible. He was extremely responsive/present when we had questions or when issues arose and was a very strong advocate for us as we navigated the offer, negotiation, inspection, and closing.

There were some bumps along the way, but with moving (even just 10 minutes away as we were), it would be highly unusual if everything went absolutely perfectly. This team did everything they could to help minimize issues and offer solutions for us. And the bottom line is that we sold our home very quickly and for a great price; and are now settled in our new, wonderful neighborhood and dream home. If you are planning a move, you should highly consider this team — great people who get results!" -Katy L.



"It was a pleasure working with a skilled professional such as Mike Miller. He was always available to answer any and all questions that we had. Very in tuned as to what we were looking for in our new home. Would recommend Mike to anyone in need of a realtor." -Shotty N.